We have analyzed the Green Bond impact reports which represent  EUR 10,000,000,000 of capital flow aiming at having an impact on climate mitigation. 

Around EUR 4,500,000,000 was invested in real estate, and EUR 5,500,000,000 was invested in renewables.  The impact of one euro invested in renewable was 81 times higher than the same euro invested in real estate.

If impact is the objectif, is real estate the right asset class ?

The table below present the details of all the Green Bond Impact report analyzed as well as a link to the source of the information.

The impact of one Euro invested in renewable energies was 2,273 times higher than one Euro invested in real estate.

Real Estate:
  • Amount invested : EUR 88,396,567
  • Annual tCO2e avoided : 309 tCO2e/year
  • Cost per tCO2e : EUR 286,073
  • Amount invested : EUR 184,116,269
  • Annual tCO2e avoided : 146,291 tCO2e/year
  • Cost per tCO2e : EUR 1,259


(as 0f 20/02/2020)

SEK vs EUR exchange rate assumed at 0,095 EUR/SEK